Suminagashi Springs' by CEDAR Y SAND is an exclusive collection that showcases the mesmerizing art of Suminagashi, or 'floating ink,' a reflection of our dedication to handmade artisanship. This range extends beyond our original stationery offerings of notecards, notepads, bookmarks, and elegantly wrapped pencils, to include unique items like aromatic lavender sachet envelopes and more. Inspired by the coastal Hamptons' enchanting landscapes, each product embodies the essence of its dunes, beaches, ocean, bays, and marine life. Handcrafted with care, every piece in the 'Suminagashi Springs' collection is a unique work of art, embodying the soul of its creator and the spirit of CEDAR Y SAND. Experience the uniqueness of our exclusive, handmade collection, where each item is a celebration of the timeless beauty of Suminagashi.