Our Story

CEDAR Y SAND is a name inspired by the timeworn beauty of coastal cedar cottages and the rich narrative of shorelines around the world. The name, with 'Y' signifying 'and' in Spanish and pronounced as 'ee', encapsulates the essence of our brand – a fusion of nature inspired design and global unity. It is this unique blend of elements that inspires our creative journey, led by Stacey Testa, a renowned designer with over 25 years in the home furnishing industry. Driven by a passion for merging nature, cultural artistry, utility and timeless beauty, Stacey curates captivating, narrative-rich collections of home decor.

It is our aim at CEDAR Y SAND to meld original design with traditional artisanship, creating contemporary pieces in collaboration with skilled artisans. Our limited edition handcrafted collections are ever-evolving, each having a story to tell, an artist to share, and adding functional elegance to your home with our own organic modern creations.

Diversity of Design. Unity of Artisanship.