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Mexican Cinnamon Chocolate Bolitas

Mexican Cinnamon Chocolate Bolitas

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HERNÁN is a woman owned brand of premium Mexican culinary products that includes specialty foods & kitchenware. The company's products are all crafted in Mexico in partnership with artisan groups and producers, many of whom are expanding beyond their local origins for the first time. HERNÁN's goal is to bring the authentic flavors and traditions of Mexico to the world, while also supporting the communities that create them.

Mexican Cinnamon-Chocolate Bolitas:

Indulge your sweet cravings with HERNÁN's Mexican Cinnamon-Chocolate Bolitas. Crafted from organic cacao beans sourced from a biodiverse plantation in Chiapas, Mexico, these hand-molded treats offer an authentic flavor burst. The traditional stone-ground process preserves the natural grit, delivering a rich cocoa experience with a hint of cinnamon warmth. Packaged in an artisan hand-woven palm leaf basket, they make a thoughtful and elegant gift. Whether enjoyed as candy or dissolved in a traditional Mexican hot chocolate, HERNÁN's Bolitas promise to transport you to the heart of Mexico.

For the authentic making of traditional Mexican hot chocolate, complete the full set both with our HERNÁN Olla De Barro clay pot and the Artisanal Molinillo Frother.


Palm leaf baskets.

Care Guide

Chocolate expiration: 7/2024


Lidded Woven Basket-
Diameter: 4.25”
Height: 3.75”


Lidded Woven Basket-


Sold as a single lidded basket filled with a sealed bag of chocolate pieces/bolitas.
Approximately 8.4oz/240g ( 30-35 chocolate pieces).
Made in Mexico by authentic artisans.
Hand made and molded chocolate.
Ingredients: Cacao, Cinnamon, Sugar and Soy Lecithin.
Storage: Shelf-stable.
Chocolate Bolitas come in a sealed plastic bag set within the wicker basket.
Chocolate may appear to be opaque/cloudy in color, this is due to the artisanal process.
Chocolate expiration date: 7/2024.
Due to the handwoven nature of the basket, the shape may vary slightly.

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