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Suminagashi Lavender Sachets

Suminagashi Lavender Sachets

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Unity in Local: From Field to Fragrance – North Fork's bounty, South Fork's elegance, together in every scent.

Discover the essence of Long Island with CEDAR Y SAND'S very own handmade Pure Lavender Sachet Envelopes, handcrafted in East Hampton and filled with the finest farm-fresh lavender from the North Fork’s “Lavender by the Bay”. Infused with 100% lavender essential oils, these elegantly handmade Suminagashi marbled envelopes offer a sensual escape and a touch of luxury. 

Pure Lavender Sachet Envelopes- Pack of 4:

This exquisite set of four sachets is masterfully created through the ancient Japanese art of Suminagashi, meaning 'floating ink,' resulting in uniquely marbled envelopes crafted from the finest Japanese Hosho paper. This paper, celebrated for its durability, absorbency, and flexibility, is derived from the kozo fibers of the mulberry bush, providing an ideal canvas for the natural, aromatic loose dried Lavender buds contained within. For an intensified aromatic experience, we've meticulously added perforations in the shape of the letter 'L' to both sides of each envelope, enhancing the release of the lavender's tranquil scent. Each sachet proudly bears the CEDAR Y SAND emblem, representing our pledge to artisanship  and quality. Designed for closets, dresser drawers, freshen linens, under your bed pillow or travel bags, these sachets infuse any space with a fresh, soothing aroma. Packaged in a reusable cotton muslin bag, the set offers both elegance and environmental mindfulness. Furthermore, the lavender’s fragrance can be released into the muslin bag and used in your laundry drying cycle for a rejuvenating scent. Delight in the calming benefits of lavender, with its ability to freshen, soothe, and naturally deter moths.


Marbled hosho paper.
Sumi inks.
Pure farm fresh dried lavender buds.
100% lavender essential oil.
Cotton string.
Metal grommet eyelets.
Cotton muslin drawstring bag.

Care Guide

Keep in a dry cool space.
To reinvigorate fragrance, gently squeeze and shake the sachet envelope. The fragrance is locked in the loose dried lavender buds, so this will revive and release the scent.
The lifespan of the fragrance can be several weeks to months.
If not in use, it is suggested to store the sachet in a sealed plastic bag or container to preserve the fragrance for future use.


Individual Sachet Envelope:
Width: 2.75”
Height: 4.25”

Muslin Bag:
Width: 4”
Height: 6”


Sachet Envelopes:
Dusty lavender, natural and off-white
Gold accent

Muslin Bag:


Sold as a pack of 4 marbled hosho paper lavender filled sachet envelopes, all packaged in a cotton muslin drawstring bag.

Individual Sachet Envelope:
Net Weight .24 oz / 6.8 g.
Suminagashi marbled.
Filled with locally sourced farm fresh loose dried lavender buds, infused with 100% organic lavender essential oil.
Perforations on envelope to enhance fragrance.
Emboss stamped with CEDAR Y SAND insignia
Color and marble pattern may vary slightly from photo.
Made in USA.

Lavender benefits:
Calming effects
Neutralizes unpleasant odors
Moth repellent

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