Collection: Lower Valley, Artisan

Beauty in Utility

We're thrilled to showcase the work of Kelly from Lower Valley Brooms, an artisan based in Brooklyn, NY, who passionately crafts each broom by hand, dedicated to preserving the time-honored traditions of broom making. Utilizing sustainable materials like hemp cord, sorghum grass (broomcorn), or agave fiber, every broom stands as a symbol of authenticity and environmental responsibility. Adorned with hand-braided handles and wooden beads, and our exclusive color palette, Kelly's creations offer rustic elegance that's not just for show. No more hiding your sweeping tools away in the closet; these beautiful brooms will help you keep your home in order while adding beauty toany space. Explore the charm and meticulous artisanship in every piece by Lower Valley Brooms.

“Happy Sweeping”- Kelly

Lower Valley, Artisan