Collection: Suminagashi Pressed Flora Notecards

Where art meets nature, our CEDAR Y SAND Suminagashi Pressed Flora Notecard blooms with captivating beauty. Each card showcases a symphony of hand-pressed flowers, meticulously arranged on our mesmerizing, hand-marbled Suminagashi Hosho paper. Delicately framed within an oval opening, these soft, flowing creations come in four captivating color series: Meadow, Wildflower Blush, Slate Bloom, and Garden Fog. Each design is a unique, unrepeatable piece of art, offering a lyrical dance of flora and form. Open the card to reveal a blank liner, perfect for your personalized message—a delightful way to infuse artistry into your correspondence.

Artistry in Bloom.

Suminagashi Pressed Flora Notecards