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HA KO Washi Leaf Incense- Box Set of 6

HA KO Washi Leaf Incense- Box Set of 6

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Essence of Nature.

Kunjudo, established in 1893 on Awaji Island, is a prestigious Japanese incense maker, renowned for blending traditional artisanship with innovative design. Their expertise is showcased in the HA KO Paper Incense, a 2019 Good Design Award winner, reflecting Kunjudo's commitment to quality and authentic incense experiences.

HA KO Washi Leaf Incense Box Set of 6:

Immerse yourself in the serene ambiance of traditional Japanese aromatherapy with the HA KO Paper Incense. Manufactured by hand using traditional incense-making methods, this exquisite set, crafted by Japan's ancient incense masters, features six assorted perfectly formed washi paper leaf incense in a sophisticated wooden box, complete with a felt mat and burning dish for immediate use. Experience a symphony of scents, including Spicy Jasmine, Elegant Citrus, Smoky Cinnamon, White Floral, Green Grass, and True Aqua, each designed to elevate your space with subtle, lasting fragrances or a seven-minute purifying burn. Perfect for creating a zen retreat in any room or presenting as a refined gift.


Wooden box.
Washi paper.
IFRA-compliant synthetic fragrances.
Felt mat.
Ceramic dish.

Care Guide

When burning, always use a non-flammable felt mat on a non-flammable plate or surface.
Do not allow incense to burn unsupervised.
Use caution when handling the flame.
Avoid placing in drafty areas or near any flammable materials.
Prior to disposal, ensure the flame is completely extinguished.


Washi scented leaf-
Width: 1.5”
Height: 3.25”

Wooden Box-
Length: 4.25”
Width: 4.25”
Height: 1.5”


Wooden Box:
Light natural wood

Washi scented leaf:


Ceramic dish:
Natural blush


Wooden box set includes:
Six individually hand formed and scented washi paper incense leaves-
Spicy Jasmine.
Elegant Citrus.
Smoky Cinnamon.
White Floral.
Green Grass.
True Aqua.

Burner felt mat: Non-flammable felt
Ceramic burning dish-unglazed and may develop some natural discoloration with age and use.

HA KO insignia burnt in front of the wooden box.
Made in Japan.

How to use:
Light the tip of a leaf and blow out the flame. Place the smoldering leaf on the included felt burner mat, ensuring it rests on a non-flammable surface, such as the provided burning dish. Each leaf will burn for about 5-7 minutes.

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