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Broomcorn Hawk Tail Broom

Broomcorn Hawk Tail Broom

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Beauty in Utility.

We're thrilled to showcase the work of Kelly from Lower Valley Brooms, an artisan based in Brooklyn, NY, who passionately crafts each broom by hand, dedicated to preserving the time-honored traditions of broom making. Utilizing sustainable materials like hemp cord, sorghum grass (broomcorn), or agave fiber, every broom stands as a symbol of authenticity and environmental responsibility. Adorned with hand-braided handles and wooden beads, and our exclusive color palette, Kelly's creations offer rustic elegance that's not just for show. No more hiding your sweeping tools away in the closet; these beautiful brooms will help you keep your home in order while adding beauty toany space. Explore the charm and meticulous artisanship in every piece by Lower Valley Brooms.

“Happy Sweeping”- Kelly

Broomcorn Hawk Tail Broom:

This Broom combines exceptional artisanship with practical design, serving both as a functional cleaning tool and a piece of refined rustic home decor. Each broom is handcrafted from sorghum grass or commonly known as broomcorn featuring a unique hawk tail design for versatile use around fireplaces, patios, floors, and workshops. Its robust construction and attention to detail make it not only effective for daily tasks but also a beautiful addition to any space. Ideal for personal use or as a thoughtful gift, this hand broom stands out for its durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.


Sorghum grass/broomcorn
Hemp Cord
Wooden beads

Care Guide

Store it hanging or lying down in a dry, free-of-moisture place
If they do get wet, keep them in a well ventilated area to dry properly.
Keep away from bright sun to prevent color fading.


Length: 14-15”
Width: 8.5”
Top diameter: 1.5”

*Each item is handmade, so dimensions may vary.


Broomcorn fiber:
Dark Natural & Dyed Black

Hemp Cord:
Blue & Black

Wooden Beads:


Sold as a single hand-held broom hand made of natural materials.
Hand-wrapped with accenting hemp cord.
Hand braided handle in hemp cord.
More of a refined rustic look.
Shade variations amongst the fibers are naturally occurring.
Due to the handmade quality, each broom is one-of-a-kind.
Colors may vary slightly from photo.
Does not include dustpan.
Made in the USA.

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