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Suminagashi Rose Heart Notecard Set of 2

Suminagashi Rose Heart Notecard Set of 2

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Artful Expressions of Affection

Each piece in CEDAR Y SAND'S created Suminagashi Springs collection is meticulously crafted using the ancient Japanese technique of water marbling known as Suminagashi, meaning "floating ink" in literal translation.
Inspired by the captivating textures and vibrant hues of the coastal Hamptons, this collection draws from the awe-inspiring elements of the dunes, beaches, ocean, bays, and marine life.
Unique to Suminagashi, no one marble print is ever the same, so each design is an original and can not be replicated; a true piece of art!

Sumingashi Rose Heart Notecard Set of 2:

Each notecard is specially marbleized in the shape of a heart, featuring a blank interior that invites your personal touch to make every message uniquely yours. Share your heartfelt sentiments with this alluring rose colored set; no card in this collection can be replicated, ensuring a truly one-of-a-kind expression of affection.


80Ib Card stock paper
Sumi ink
Heavy stock paper envelope, straight flap, gummed closure.

Care Guide


A2 Notecard:
Width 5.5"
Height 4.25"

A2 Envelope:
Width 5.75"
Height 4.375"


Rose pink and sand
White interior



Sold as a set of 2 hand-painted Suminagashi marble folded notecard with a blank white interior.
CEDAR Y SAND insignia gray rubber stamp on backside of the notecard and back flap of envelop.
Marble continues from front to back of notecard.
Color and marble pattern may vary slightly from photo.

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