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Marie Francesca DiLeonardo

AquaVistas Notecard

AquaVistas Notecard

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Aquarelle Gestural Notecards by Marie Francesca DiLeonardo.

Discover the charm of Springs, NY (Hamlet of East Hampton), through local artist Marie Francesca DiLeonardo's Aquarelle Gestural Notecards. Each card features her unique watercolor paintings, capturing the essence of Springs' artistic heritage and coastal beauty. These hand-painted notecards, mounted on high-quality paper, transcend traditional correspondence—they are pieces of art meant to be framed. With sophisticated envelopes, they add an elegant touch to your messages. Elevate your correspondence with a touch of local artistry and the picturesque spirit of Springs, NY.

AquaVistas Notecard:

Celebrate the beauty of nature with Marie Francesca DiLeonardo's "AquaVistas" notecards. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of hand-painted watercolors, where graceful strokes capture the essence of oceanic sprays and wind-blown dunes. Each notecard is a work of art, reflecting the artist's skill and passion for capturing the tranquility and energy of coastal scenes. Dive into a world of artistic expression and bring the beauty of the seashore to your correspondence with these exquisite notecards.



Strathmore Watercolor Paper,
Cold Press, 140 Ib

Care Guide


Scenic 1 notecard:
Length 5.8"
Height 5"

Scenic 1 notecard:
Length 6.7"
Height 5"

Length 7.25"
Height 5.25"


Scenic 1- Ochre, dusty aquas and ivory
Scenic 2- Ochre, ivory and cool grays



Sold as a single notecard with envelope.
This is an original watercolor painting on the front of a
folded notecard.
Folded notecard with a blank interior.
Includes a straight flap envelope with a gummed closure, and the Artist's insignia on the backside.
The edge of the envelope flap has an elegant torn edge.
This is not a standard notecard size, as it is an original piece of art.

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